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Lactation Support Directories


Welcome to the International Lactation Consultant Association Directory, a comprehensive list of both Lactation Resources and Support Groups. Enter your zip code to see a map for your area.

The Lactation Consultant Directory is provided by Your Breast Pump as a resource tool. Your Breast Pump is not directly affiliated with any Lactation Consultant. Information should be used at the sole discretion of the individual. If you need help choosing a breast pump, we can help.

ILAC: Lactation Consultant Directory


The following USLCA members offer private Lactation Consultant services to clients.  Services offered may include: home visits, consultations in private office or breastfeeding clinic, rental of electric pumps and/or the sale of various products.

The use of private IBCLC Services from this website is at the discretion of each individual.  The USLCA does not take any responsibility for contracts between individuals from this list.

USLCA: IBCLC Directory

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Here you will find recommended storage and preparation techniques for nursing mothers and caretaker of breastfed infants and children. These recommendations and/or techniques are to maintain the safety and quality of your breast milk for the health of the baby.

CDC: Proper Storage and Preparation of Breast Milk


Here is some general information about cleaning your breast pump properly. If you are looking for specific information you can always check the pumps instruction manual.

FDA: Cleaning a Breast Pump

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